Resveratrol Anti Aging Supplements

Anti aging supplements

Over the last few years, resveratrol anti aging supplements have hit the headlines big time. They have had features about them on prime time tv shows like the Oprah Winfrey Show, ABC News and 60 Minutes, to name but a few. There must be something going on here to cause such a stir.

Scientists are researching these supplements in a big way because they understand how much potential this amazingly versatile and powerful compound possesses. It may not possibly only be the fabled Fountain of Youth, but it can offer so much more to us than lengthening our lives.

For commercial purposes, most of the compound for the supplements is gathered from Japanese knotweed. It was first discovered in the roots of the white hellebore plant way back in the 1940s and has been used in the far East for many purposes for decades now. It can also be found in blueberries, bilberries, peanuts, cocoa beans and grapes and red wine, from where it came to the attention of scientists who were perplexed by a phenomenon that has been called The French Paradox

The French, although they have a high saturated fat diet and smoked a lot of tobacco, had a low incidence of heart disease. Scientists discovered that it was the resveratrol in the red wine that was giving the French the extra protection for the heart. As the French consume a lot of red wine, this was the answer to the French Paradox.

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Although the amount of resveratrol in wine could protect the heart against disease, the amount of resveratrol anti aging compound required for longevity is way too low. Scientists believe that somewhere in the region of thirty to forty bottles of red wine per day is required for any benefit to the consumer. Obviously this is highly impractical as drinking this much wine every day (even if you could), would kill you quickly. It would also make you very poor.

The only practical way to get the required dosage is to get it through supplements. They are natural, safe, very few side effects, inexpensive and they can be absorbed by the body very quickly and efficiently.


How do resveratrol anti aging supplements work?


Resveratrol’s anti aging properties are due to several factors. The two main ones are :-

    1. When consumed and absorbed, resveratrol triggers these longevity genes that occur in our cells that are called sirtuins. These sirtuins are also triggered naturally when our bodies suffer calorie restriction over a period of time. Calorie restriction is known to prolong life. So taking resveratrol mimics calorie restriction without having to reduce calorie intake.

Sirtuins are fantastic genes because they protect our delicate cells from harmful attacks from cancer forming free radicals. They also have the power to repair any cells that become harmed. Because the resveratrol compound can prolong the longevity of our cells, it is a logical consequence that we are going to have longer lives as a result.

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  2. It also contains potent antioxidants. Free radicals can cause chain reactions throughout our bodies that damage our cells that cause us to age and get a whole host of illnesses and diseases. Antioxidants are beneficial to us because they can stop free radicals from developing in the first place and also kill any free radicals that have managed to develop.

There has been a lot of research done on different life forms such as fish, mice and yeast that contain similar longevity genes (sirtuins) as humans. Some amazing results have been posted. The life span of yeast was increased by as much as 70% and the life span of mice by as much as 30%. These tests have been re done many times with similar results.

Obviously the results on humans are going to differ but scientists believe there is no reason to not expect the same positive results. It’s too early expect results in the near future because of the length of our lives. It will be decades yet before results become apparent.

Research is still in its infancy on these anti aging compounds but signs are extremely encouraging. Its those proactive amongst us that will benefit in the future from it’s longevity qualities. Those who wait for the results to become clear may find it too late to benefit.

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